Meet the Squad.

Britani Garrison

Marketing Admin/Floor Lead

Jim Osborn

Vice President of Sales

Chelby Serota

Account Executive

Israel Arnold

“That one guy you won’t forget”
– Print Press Operator –

CJ Kunkel

Press Operator

Jake Tomlinson

Floor Lead

Kelly Jennings

Press Operator

Stephen Conway

Graphic Designer

Noah Robitzsch

Production Artist

Dillan Becker

Graphic Designer

Jacob Powell

System Administrator/Website Developer

Ryan Paxton

Creative Producer

Angela Dimmel

Customer Service Representative


(AKA Donnie Barko)
401-K9 Advisor


Ace, the MVP in printing solutions, is at the forefront of meeting clients’ evolving ambitions with lightning-fast output, robust performance, and unparalleled flexibility, ensuring consistent and successful results.


Nicole (Coco) is the girl next door, but she’s far more than her unassuming exterior lets on. She’s a powerhouse of precision and speed, a true master of versatility. Coco thrives on challenges, turning materials into puzzles, awards, giant checks, signs, magnets, and more. If you can dream it, Coco can cut it.


Dewey is our specialist in making the exact cut. He’s the unsung hero behind the flawless finish of every piece. With Dewey, it’s all about precision and perfection.


Konni is the go-to for high-volume printing needs, exceeding expectations with dedication and reliability.


Built for endurance, this powerhouse exemplifies strength and durability. With the ability to take on challenge after challenge without faltering, he’s the epitome of reliability. No matter the project’s size or complexity, he keeps rolling, delivering unmatched quality and consistency.


Ronnie excels in printing, particularly his mastery of the color blue, creating masterpieces with stickers and showcasing his precision and cutting skills.


Meet Henry, our avant-garde printer with the ability to utilize white ink and electromagnetic ink, redefining printing technology with unparalleled adaptability and the ability to elevate prints with clarity, depth, and brilliance.


Mark is a top-tier printer with cutting-edge white toner technology, specializing in clear and metallic finishes to create exceptional prints with unmatched speed and precision.


Nancy, our distinguished die-cutting machine, excels in creating flawless finishes with both gloss and matte options. Her manually set blades are a testament to the art of precision, allowing for unparalleled customization and detail in every cut. Nancy transforms each piece into a work of art, embodying the perfect blend of technology and craftsmanship.


Felix, a cutting-edge flexo machine, specializes in spot location, laminating, casting, and curing, setting his own cutting blades via QR code and delivering exceptional quality at unmatched speed.


Griffin excels as a cut and stack machine, expertly transforming rolls of labels into individual pieces with precision and ease. Ideal for projects requiring affordable, disposable stickers, Griffin is the go-to for producing high volumes without compromising on quality. His capability ensures you get the best value for every print, making him an indispensable asset for cost-effective label solutions.


Goldie, our C14000 digital press, is known as the gold standard in sheet-fed printing with versatile capabilities, including producing booklets and handling untrimmed sheets up to 13×19 inches, but she can be a bit temperamental at times.

Maggie the MGI

Maggie uses Spot UV Cured Varnish and Foil to add a unique touch to projects, insisting on quality and perfection in every detail.


Bear, the guillotine cutter, is an indispensable asset for mass production, effortlessly slicing through hundreds of sheets with unmatched precision and consistent accuracy, catering to a wide range of paper product needs with speed, efficiency, and customization.


Jet is a versatile inkjet printer that excels in precise spot printing on various surfaces, from envelopes to coasters and wood, adding a touch of flair to traditional printing methods.


Despite his small size, Bennie, Ronnie’s little brother, is a powerhouse in the world of printing, specializing in metallic inks and bringing glamour and sophistication to every project with unparalleled flexibility and efficiency.


Rhonda is a standout big sister, expertly utilizing her wide size and precise color matching skills to create prints that are monumentally impactful and set a new standard for wide-format printing quality.

Larry: Liquid Laminator

Larry, the liquid laminator, enhances print durability and quality with his specialized process, ensuring prints stand the test of time.

Edward: Dye Sublimation

Edward, our dye sublimation expert, transforms everyday items into extraordinary pieces of art with unparalleled vibrancy, depth, and enduring quality.

Lenny: Paper Laminator

Lenny is a skilled paper laminator who enhances the visual appeal of prints while protecting them from wear and tear, ensuring they stand the test of time, with Lucifer being the final step in the process.

C K Print & Design

1992 NW HWY 50 Lone Jack, MO 64070

(816) 524-1304

C K Print & Design

1992 NW HWY 50 Lone Jack, MO 64070

(816) 524-1304