Material List

We offer a variety of materials at C K Print & Design. Below is a list of the materials by format.

Large Format

Acrylite Extruded Acrylic – Digital Print 1/4″ 4’x8′

Duratex Mesh Banner w/Liner (54″x131′)
Duratex 13oz Banner PSO Matte (54″x115′)
Duratrex 13oz Matte (72″x164′)

Cardboard 1/8″ (4×8)
48 x 96″ 200 lb Corrugated Pads – White

Car Wrap Laminate
Briteline WrapCAST Overlaminate Film

Car Wrap Vinyl
GF Concept 230 AutoMark Wrap Vinyl

4mm Corrugated Plastic (4’x8′) – 4′ Flute
4mm Corrugated Plastic (5’x10′) – 10′ Flute
10mm Corrugated Plastic (4’x8′) – 8′ Flute
Pre-Boxed Corrugated Plastic Blanks ( 24×18 )

Dot Matrix
Briteline 50/50 Window Perf (54″x100″)

Duratex Foamboard – 48 x 96 – 3/16″ Thick

Heat Transfer
Siser ColorPrint Sublithin (MX Jerseys) (20″x10yd)
Siser ColorPrint Easy (20″x50yd)
Sister EasyWeed Heat Transfer Non Printable (20″x10yds)

Icon PL-3150 2.75 Mil (General Use) (30″x50yd)
Ultracurve 1500 15.0 Mil (MX Graphics) (30″x50yd)
Icon PL-3150 – SPARKLE 2.75 Mil (General Use) (30″x50yd)
Ultracurve 1500 SPARKLE 15.0 Mil (MX Graphics) (30″x50yd)

1/8 Lexan (4′ x 8′) C/W/C
1/4 Lexan (4′ x 8′) C/W/C
.005 Clear 8B35 V/M Lexan 48″ x 100′ C/W
.007 Clear 8B35 V/M Lexan 48″ x 100 ft
.010 Clear 8B35 V/M Lexan 48″ x 100 ft

Magnetic Car Material
Magnum Magnetics MuscleMag Inkjet 24″ x 50′

Magnetic Max Metal
3MM Magnetic MaxMetal – 4′ x 8′

Metal / ACM
3mm Max-Metal White (4’x8′)

Moab Entrada Rag Bright 290 Archival Paper
Drawing Paper – 80 lb. – 48″ x 50yd
Drawing Paper – 20 lb. 48″ x 100yd

Clear PETG 48″x96″ Sheet

PVC Plastic 3mm (4’x8′)
PVC Plastic 6mm (4’x8′)

Spartech Polystyrene .060″ (4’x8′)
Spartech Polystyrene .040″ (4’x8′)
Spartech Polystyrene .030″ (4’x8′)

Dreamscape Wallwraps, 54″ x 150′, Classic + Color
Icon PM-3750 (General Use – Low Tack) (30″x50yd)
Icon 440LSE (General Use – High Tack) (30″x50yd)
Ultracurve X1 (MX Graphics – Extreme Tack) (30″x50yd)
Chrome/Holographic X1 (Extreme Tack) (30″x75ft)
Icon PM-3750 (General Use – Low Tack) (60″x50yd)
Ultracurve 550LSE Clear Print Media (30″ x 50yd)
Oracal 6510 Fluorescent Cast Film (30″x50yd)
GF Concept 219 Semi Rigid Clear Vinyl Film (54″x100′)
Oracal 651 All Colors (24″x50yd)
GF Concept 207 Clear Static Cling

Paper Products

80lb & 100lb Gloss Text
80lb & 100lb Gloss Cover
80lb & 100lb Velvet Text
80lb & 100lb Velvet Cover
130lb Gloss Cover